Design & Build

Trillium CNG Fueling

D&B Advantages

  • No Shortcuts

  • On Time, On Budget

  • Customized Design Solutions

  • 30% - 40% Faster Fill Times

  • Improved Energy Efficiency

From The Ground Up

No matter what stage you’re in with CNG adoption, Trillium provides trusted experts with the knowledge to take you through the design and construction of your CNG fueling station.

Our expert team of engineers begins by examining the Customer’s daily schedule and fueling needs. The next step includes designing cost and energy-efficient stations, using only the highest-quality products and parts. After construction and installation are complete, our team conducts rigorous quality and performance tests to ensure the station will continue to run at the peak of efficiency.

The Standard Of Safety

Throughout the Design and Build process, safety is always our primary concern. We design our systems in such a way that the equipment won’t be pushed to the edge daily. This ensures that operating temperatures and other stressors stay within standard operating parameters. Overall, Trillium-built stations last longer – saving you money and providing peace of mind.


When you compare a Trillium CNG fueling station to one of our competitors, some differences are clear while others are hidden in the details, but all of them pay off in the long run. What does our “no shortcuts” approach to engineering mean? It means our equipment can last up to 20 years or longer when properly installed and maintained.

What Sets Us Apart

  • CNG station equipment can go through a lot – constant vibration, pressure, harmonic damage – and this can lead to expensive repairs. Our proprietary and proven smart controls optimize fueling, balance equipment loads, and reduce the number of starts to decrease wear on the compressors. This prevents unforeseen equipment breakdowns and extends the life of your station. We couple this technology with compressors that have been specially engineered to handle the rigors of heavyduty work, giving you the peace of mind that comes with a reliable station.

  • Due to Trillium’s buying power, we can often acquire parts and equipment at wholesale price and are able to pass that discount on to our customers. This way your station can run on quality equipment without breaking the bank.

  • All of our designs include quality components and materials that are designed to save you money across the lifecycle of your station. Whenever possible, Trillium CNG uses commonly manufactured parts with standard specifications, allowing them to be easily replaced.

  • All told, Trillium stations typically operate 10% – 20% more efficiently than other CNG systems. That’s the Trillium Advantage.