Jeffrey Hayes’ Military Experience Helps Him Lead at Love’s

Jeffrey Hayes’ Military Experience Helps Him Lead at Love’s

Love's Honors Veterans Day

The value of team work is something Air Force veteran Jeffrey Hayes knows all too well, especially when it comes to being a leader. After a 20-year career in the Air Force, he now applies the lessons he learned to his role as Help Desk Manager in the Love's corporate office.

Jeffrey served mainly in the Middle East and cross trained in computer operations, but the rest of his time was devoted to special duty assignments within the intelligence community. Jeffrey's 20 years of military service are the foundation on which he has built his successful career at Love's. The biggest lesson he's learned is to trust the people he leads.

One example of this trust came at what seemed like an exciting time. Two hundred and fifty marines, sailors, airmen and soldiers were heading home to their families after a 15-month deployment when circumstances drastically changed. Jeffrey and others had the difficult task of relaying the message that their tours were extended by three months. The men went from boarding a plane to the states, to heading right back into the thick of it. Their orders were to stay where they were.

"Keeping folks motivated during that time was difficult, but it was also manageable," Hayes said. "The only reason it was manageable is because those men had discipline and they understood what the mission was. They were ready to accomplish anything once it had been explained to them."

It was a wonderful learning experience for Jeffrey as a leader and one he uses to this day with his Love's team. Jeffrey's trust in his men helped them to know what was expected of them. They went back to work willingly and with a sense of purpose; all because they knew there was a job to do.

"My philosophy is to give the tools, give the mission and let my team go forward. It's all about empowering the individual," he said.

After retiring from the Air Force, Jeffrey made the transition from military to civilian life when he accepted a job at Love's corporate. Every day, Jeffrey and his team keep technology in our stores and offices running. If something isn't working, you can call his team to fix it. The transition from military life to Love's was a challenge at first, but thanks to his experiences with the company, he plans on being around for the long-haul.

"I spent my entire life in the military prior to coming here," he said. "Coming to Love's was a culture shock at first, but it was made easier by the culture. You walk in the front doors and you look right on the wall and see 'You take care of our customers and we'll take care of you'. I think the Love family has done a great job of empowering everyone across the company."

Jeffrey is especially thankful for his family this Veterans Day. His wife and daughter have been by his side through it all. He's especially excited to see his daughter graduate from medical school in a year.

Love's Honors Veteran's Day

"Veterans Day is an opportunity for us to reflect on those who have served our country," he said. "That doesn't necessarily mean the men and women in uniform; it means the families as well. They serve right along with us."

Thank you to all the men and women who have chosen to serve our country. Your sacrifice is greatly appreciated.