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International Flavors

In order to meet the demand for more variety and elevated food options, we are constantly evolving and adapting our menus. Innovative food, with the highest quality ingredients, provides our customers an alternative to every day “Truck Stop food”. Our newest addition is International food. As the industry-leading travel stop network, Love’s is proud to offer the largest International food offering on the interstate.

While convenience is a priority, at Love's, we also aim to serve our customers the freshest ingredients and offer the foods that they want to eat, while out on the road or locally, in town. These International food options are easy to heat up and go. Perfect for customers on the move and in a hurry.

International Flavors


  • Chicken Masala Flatbread
  • Vegetarian Flatbread


  • Chicken Vindaloo Wrap
  • Vegetarian Wrap
  • Vegan Chickpea Masala Wrap