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What Is Freight Factoring?

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You’ve delivered the load, now you’re ready to get paid. Factoring with Love’s is a smart solution for accelerating/managing your cash flow, helping grow your business and covering expenses like fuel, insurance, maintenance and payroll without creating debt for your business. 

Let our Factoring Specialist show you why Love’s is “The Better Way to Factor.”  We offer both Non-Recourse and Recourse options with factoring facilities for individual invoices up to large receivable portfolios.  With our national network of travel stops, we can combine your factoring solution with any number of added services such as fuel discounts and no fee card with credit lines for even greater value ….. and all delivered with the Love’s Commitment to outstanding customer service.

  • Low factoring fees
  • Fuel discounts
  • Recourse/Non-Recourse options available
  • Funding in 24 hours or less
  • No fee card with established credit line for ALL clients who factor with us
  • Back-office support (billing/collections)
  • No minimums
  • Nationwide Network of Travel Stops

Your Partner On.... and Off the Road.  

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Call Us Toll-Free At 1-855-495-LOVES

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Call us toll-free at 1-855-495-LOVES (1-855-495-5683) or request a quote online to get started. Love’s factoring specialists are available to answer any questions and assist you in the simple set-up process. Once enrolled, you can immediately enjoy the benefits that come with factoring with Love’s as frequently as you like.


Deliver your load, then submit your freight bills to Love’s via email, fax or through our convenient TRANSFLO Express® scanning service – FREE for Love’s factoring customers at any Love’s Travel Stop location nationwide. Love’s also offers TripPak Express® delivery for a minimal charge.


Once we receive your freight bills, our priority is to pay you within 24 hours by wire transfer or electronic ACH. Apply your factoring proceeds to a Love’s Express Fuel Card to earn added benefits.

Refer a Friend, Earn $250

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Refer a Friend to Factor with Love's and we will give you $250.00!

It's that easy.  Call our sales team with Love's Financial (1-855-495-5683) and give them your friend's name and phone number. Once your referral signs up and factors their first freight bill with Love's, we will send you $250.00.  Your friend will enjoy the many benefits of factoring with Love’s and you get some extra cash in your pocket.  

Could making money get any easier?


Contact Us

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Our factoring specialists are available to help you get started and answer any questions about factoring with Love's.

Call us toll-free (Mon.-Fri., 8a-5p CST) at 1-855-495-LOVES (1-855-495-5683)
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Email Love's Financial at

Love’s Corporate Office
10601 N Pennsylvania Ave.
Oklahoma City, Okla. 73120
1-855-495-LOVES (Sales Line)
1-405-463-8888 (Operations Line)

Fax Lines:
405-749-9183 (General)
405-936-7147 (Sales)

Group Emails:


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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does factoring work?

Once you deliver your load, simply scan your invoice, rate sheet and bill of lading and send them to us. We pay you within 24 hours.

How much does it cost?

Love’s Financial offers tailor-made solutions for your business, based on number of trucks, monthly volume and your customer base. Contact us for a quote specific to your business and needs.

Do you work with small businesses & startups?

Small businesses and startups often need quick funding in order to pay for overhead. Love’s Financial is designed to serve businesses of any size.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts you will fund?

There is no minimum or maximum amount we will fund. 

Do you offer Recourse or Non-Recourse agreements?

We offer both Recourse and Non-Recourse products.

How will I be paid?

Funds can be deposited by ACH or wire transfer into your bank account, on a fuel card or applied to your Love's Express card.

Will my credit score affect my approval?

While the Underwriting team will review your credit, it’s not the only factor we look at for approval. Love’s Financial does not decline applications based on credit score alone.

Can I factor shippers or freight brokers?

Yes, we can factor both kinds of customers, as long as they are approved through our credit department.

Do you charge any monthly or annual fees?

No! Our goal is to be as transparent and straightforward as possible and we will never surprise our customers with hidden fees.

What initial documents will you require if I Factor?

Our required documents are: Operating Authority, Insurance Certificate, Copy of photo ID, Articles of Incorporation/Organization, W9 and completed application.

Do I have to factor all of my receivables?

It is not required, but the more you factor, the better your rate. In addition, you can exclude specific shippers or brokers.

What if the shipper or broker refuses or is unable to pay?

If you are a Recourse customer, any unpaid invoices that we are unable to collect will be charged back to you. If you are a Non-Recourse customer and the shipper or broker will not pay (through no fault of your own, i.e. claims or damages on loads) then Love’s Financial will cover the loss.

How do I send my invoice and bill of lading?

By email, fax or through our convenient TRANSFLO Express® scanning service available (FREE for Love’s factoring customers) at any of our Love’s Travel Stops Nationwide.  We also offer TripPak Express® for a minimal charge.

Is there a startup fee?

There is a $100 startup fee to cover the account setup process, but this amount will be deducted from your initial funding, so you won’t incur any out-of-pocket expenses.

Who can I call with questions regarding my invoices and funding once I’m set up?

You will have an Account Specialist who is assigned exclusively to your account. You can reach your account specialist directly between the hours of 8a-5p CST. After hours, and on weekends, you can always reach a representative from Customer Service for assistance.

Hear From Our Customers

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Love's Factoring Customer Joe Jeffcoat

"I was kind of nervous at first about changing companies, but one thing that excited me about Love's is that they work off of scans, and there were no extra fees."

Joe Jeffcoat, Owner of UFO Trucking Company
Love's Factoring Customers

"To win a NASCAR behind the scenes experience because I am factoring customer was awesome. I truly enjoyed this opportunity and Love's VIP service."

Yolanda Pratt, Winner of Factoring Customer VIP NASCAR Experience
Love's Factoring Customers Suzanne and Dennis Nufield

"Working with Love's Financial team is the best.  They are always there to help with my needs and provide the top service for drivers like me."

 Suzanne & Dennis Nufield, Owner of DSN Transportation
Love's Financial Beaver Bolding Trucking

"I cannot say enough good to other drivers to get my point across. For me, as an owner-operator, this is as good as it gets. I get my money in 24 hours."

John 'Beaver' Bolding, Owner of B&B Trucking of Haskell, Okla.