Speedco Semi Truck Batteries

Speedco Batteries

We carry an outrageously dependable line of heavy-duty Group 31 Interstate Batteries. Stop in, get your battery tested and upgrade to a top-of-the-line battery that keeps you on the road even longer.

Speedco Batteries
  • Maintenance-free design to endure the tough demands of the road

  • High cycling technology to maximize battery life

  • Vibration protection to keep plates in place and circuits from shorting

Get More From Your Battery: More Deliveries Packed In A Box

Extreme Starting Power | 950 CCA, 195 RC

The 31-MHD is perfect for trucks with high cranking needs. It provides reliable starting power in cold climates and high vibration protection.

Extreme Cycling Power | 520 MEDIUM CYCLES

The 31-ECL gives you more reserve capacity for heavy key-off drain and increased cycling power to run lift gates, lights, refer units, generators, and other aftermarket accessories.

2-IN-1 Starting & Cycling Power | 810 CCA, 400 Extreme Cycles

The 99.9% pure lead 31-AGM7 delivers superior performance in extreme temperatures and deep-cycling power for electric APUs. It delivers 4x the cycles of a conventional alloy AGM battery.