Gemini Motor Transport's key to success is training programs

Gemini Motor Transport's key to success is training programs

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Whether you are boxing, weightlifting or driving a yellow fuel tanker, performing at the highest level begins with training. For Gemini Motor Transport, rigorous training is a major key to its reputation as one of the safest and most reliable fleets in the industry.

“We have a great training program,” Regional Manager of Gemini Reiff Simmons said. “We are different from others because safety is always our number one priority. We want to make sure drivers understand that.”

Before a candidate can even participate in the training program, they have to partake in several hour-long interviews and pass multiple background checks. This allows regional managers to acquire only the top talent.

Once hired, training lasts anywhere from 10 days to five weeks, depending on a driver’s experience. New drivers are also paired with an experienced driver to work full shifts where they learn the ins and outs of Gemini.

“The trainer is responsible for the trainee to understand how we want things done,” Simmons said. “They take them to the racks, to get loading cards and teach them the Gemini Code of Conduct.”

The Gemini Code of Conduct is often referred to as a driver’s “Bible” because it provides drivers with the keys to becoming a successful driver.

“Drivers are given the tools they need to succeed through this code of conduct,” Simmons said. “As long as you follow the code of conduct, your chances of having any kind of incident are greatly reduced.”

The training doesn’t end once a driver is on the open road. Drivers must attend quarterly safety meetings and complete online safety courses throughout the year. Additionally, drivers must pass manager “ride-alongs” as well as surveillances. This is another way Gemini ensures its commitment to safety and the Customer.

As a result of these training programs, Gemini is proud to announce 76 percent of drivers received a one-year safety bonus for 2015, and 135 Gemini drivers are lined up to receive a five-year safety bonus. This means these drivers have no accidents, tickets or fuel-related incidents, and they have passed all DOT and Gemini inspections.

Congratulations, drivers!