Spotted: Florida Georgia Line, Wienermobile and more at Love's!

Spotted: Florida Georgia Line, Wienermobile and more at Love's!

Posted April 29, 2015
Cobra car club at Love's

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It's not every day that Jake Owen’s tour bus or a DeLorean pulls up next to you, but with Love’s locations across the nation, it’s safe to say, you’ll never know who or what you might see. These trucks, trailers and other forms of transportation could surprise you. :)

Florida Georgia Line was fueling up at Love’s 206 in Loxley, Alabama. It’s like their eyes are staring into your soul.

Florida Georgia Line truck at Love's

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile regularly is seen at Love’s. Here’s the hot dog on wheels at Love’s 243 in Lake Charles, Louisiana. 

Weinermobile at Love's

The world’s largest mobile tattoo shop strolled through Love’s 561 in Mossy Head, Florida.

Largest mobile tattoo shop

Jake Owen and his tour bus stopped by Love’s 517 in Grand Junction, Colorado. We didn't see any bare feet or blue jeans, though.

Jake Owen tour bus at Love's

A banana mobile peeled in to Love’s 299 in Anna, Texas. 

banana car at Love's Travel Stops

This DeLorean needed some gas at Love’s 334 in Heyburn, Idaho. We see Doc Brown has moved away from running the Flux Capacitor on garbage.

Dolorean at Love's 334

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