Customers are going bananas for Love's fresh fruit and veggies

Customers are going bananas for Love's fresh fruit and veggies

Posted August 5, 2015
love's fresh to go cups

You've heard what the media is saying about Love's Fresh To Go options, but what are customers saying? We’ve scoured the country listening for customer’s feedback on Love's Travel Stops fresh choices. And boy, oh boy! It didn't take long because people are excited to share their love for healthy options.

From vacationers to health nuts, people were enthusiastic about fresh fruit and veggies while on the go. Check out what Love’s customers are saying on social media.

Rebecca says, “I love Love’s!”

This trucker knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

You need the perfect snack for a long road trip. 

Sometimes fresh summer fruit is all you need to make your day.

It’s a win to educate Love’s customers about our fresh, quality items. Especially the fitness gurus. 

So many options make for two happy sisters.

Did we mention these cups are 2/$5??


Love’s also has more healthy options in store such as coffee, nuts and even dark chocolate. OK. You can only count dark chocolate in small quantities. :) If you’re looking for more than just a snack, we made a list of healthy meals to grab at our locations, too.

We love to see our customers enjoying the healthy options they find at Love’s. Join the social conversation with #iheartloves