Summer My Love Rewards "Swipe and Win" winners announced

Summer My Love Rewards "Swipe and Win" winners announced

Posted August 6, 2015
My Love Rewards swipe and win

My Love Rewards members: The More You Swipe, The More You Earn

Each and every month, My Love Rewards members have the chance to score BIG bonus points through ‘Swipe and Win' sweepstakes, taking online surveys and even more opportunities. We have two summer winners who are enjoying their sweet point spendings.

Michael Johnson collected 50,000 MLR points in July from our monthly ‘Swipe and Win’ sweepstakes. He works for H.D. Edgar Trucking. Congratulations, Michael!

“Thanks, Love’s, for making my life easier on the road,” Michael said. “I really needed an inverter, and now I can get one!”

My Love Rewards winner Michael

You could win 50,000 points, too. My Love Rewards members earn a ‘Swipe and Win’ entry and points EVERY TIME they swipe their card on merchandise, Truck Tire Care or driver services purchases. When the My Love Rewards points are redeemed, they spend just like cash on merchandise (with the exception of fuel, tobacco, e-cigarettes, alcohol, gift cards, phone cards or lottery items), Love’s owned-and-operated restaurantsWi-Fi and Love’s Truck Tire Care Centers

Another big summer winner is Daniel Robinson. He won 25,000 points in June by completing one of the many MLR quizzes that are sent out to members. Congrats, Daniel! Check out his winning grin pictured below.
My Love Rewards points winner Daniel

Don’t forget to sign up for My Love Rewards notifications through email and/or text message. It has never been easier to learn about great coffee, store openings, exclusive MLR offers, quizzes and more. 

If bonus points aren’t enough for you, check out all the additional perks MLR members can enjoy. For full details about our My Love Rewards program, visit www.myloverewards.comOr simply call 1-800-OKLOVES to speak with our awesome My Love Rewards customer service team.