National Donut Day: Donuts need coffee like Hall needs Oates!

National Donut Day: Donuts need coffee like Hall needs Oates!

Posted June 5, 2015
national donut day with Love's coffee

What's your favorite go-to donut? Tell us in the comments below

Peanut butter needs jelly.

Oreos beg for milk.

Hall is groovy, but he's groovier with Oates. (* See playlist below.)

And National Donut Day is nuttin' without great coffee, and that's what has us fired up this Friday, well, besides listening to "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do I)" for the 57th time this morning. Whether your go-to donut is a maple Long John or perhaps a bag of powdered donuts, it simply isn't as yummy without some Joe.

We're pretty fond of our Java Amore brand of coffee, and our My Love Rewards members are extra fond of it because it's always free with your My Love Rewards card and a 50-plus gallon refill.

So, go get those donuts today. It's Friday. Enjoy your bad self!

Just don't forget the great coffee.

* Our Hall & Oates National Donut Day playlist. You might be surprised how interchangeable the word 'donut' is in Hall & Oates song titles.


  1. Donut Eater
  2. Donut On My List
  3. Out of Donuts
  4. Donut Girl
  5. Donut In A Minute
  6. You've Lost That Donut Feeling
  7. Donut Eyes
  8. Donut Smile

We'll be here all weekend, and the coffee is on at Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores nationwide.