International business student gets firsthand experience at Love’s

International business student gets firsthand experience at Love’s

Posted May 28, 2015
Laura Marienfeldt

Like many college students, Laura Marienfeldt needs an internship to earn her degree. As an international business student, she had acouple of options: She could find a company in her homeland that worked with multiple countries or accept an internship abroad. Laura chose the latter -- and when you live in France, it doesn't get much more "abroad" than Oklahoma.

With more than 4,700 miles between Laura and her home in Nantes, in western France, she has spent the past several months interning in various departments at Love's. She spent six weeks a piece in logistics, purchasing and real estate soaking up as much information about the Love's Family of Companies as possible.


"I've learned a lot and had many opportunities to go toevents and attend several meetings during my internship," Laura said. "I even spent a day with (Gemini driver) Keith Horton."


But how does a college student from France find herself in the cab of a truck delivering fuel in Oklahoma? Having a few local connections certainly helps.


"My mother's family lives in Oklahoma," Laura said. "Her first cousin is (Pascal Aughtry) the architect for Love's, and he suggested coming here."


Laura's internship comes to a close at the end of the week. As much as she's enjoyed her time at Love's, she looks forward to being with family and friends she hasn't seen in months. Thanks to a 7-hour time difference, even phone calls were a challenge. For interns beginning their summer at Love's, Laura offered some advice.


"Don't hesitate to ask questions," she said. "Be curious."


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