Your 24-hour gift stop! Love's has special deals for the holidays

Your 24-hour gift stop! Love's has special deals for the holidays

Posted November 16, 2015

When you think of Black Friday deals, you might not think of Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores. You certainly don't think of lines of people out the front door or mad dashes to product displays or outlet mall brawls.

That's some serious Black Friday craziness.

However, we do have some wonderful Black Friday specials that are happening today and that will last a few days longer. And the best news is that you won't have to wait in lines. You will not need to stress. We are your 24-hour gift stop.

So, what's on special for Black Friday?

Let's start with the Midland Durable Radio. It's a 40-channel portable hand-held CB radio, and it's only $29.99 while supplies last through November 30. What does this product cost normally? $69.99. So, you're saving $40.

Black Friday Midland 

Another of our Black Friday specials is this JamTM Trance Mini Wireless Light Show Speaker. It has 36 LED lights that synch with your music. It's only $39.99, a $10 savings on its regular prices of $49.99. It's on sale through November 30, but if you get it today, you'll have it all weekend for your impromptu dance parties!

Black Friday Jam

And last but certainly not least is this Bearcat 680 40-channel CB radio from Uniden, which is selling for $49.99 through December 6. You have a few extra days on this one, but here are a couple of things you need to know.

First, the sale price is actually $69.99. Second, you get the extra $20 in savings from a mail-in rebate. That is a savings of up to $50 on this product.

Black Friday Uniden

Hope your Thanksgiving was terrific, and hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.