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In The News: CMN donations making impact across the country

Posted October 29, 2015
Children's Miracle Network fundraising for Love's Travel Stops

Earlier this month, we announced that Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores had raised nearly $2.2 million for the Children's Miracle Network in our annual in-store campaign, a new record for us!

Since then, we've seen it mentioned in news stories across the country, such as in this piece on and this write-up on

Some of the recaps detailed specifics about fundraising for local markets, such as this piece on and this one from KAMR.

Thank you for spreading this awesome news! The money raised at Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores across the nation go to local hospitals, and they have local impact on the health of sick children and the comfort of their families.

Take the story done by KWTV in Oklahoma about Samantha Lancaster, 9, from Del City, Oklahoma. So many miracles have been made possible by the dollars donated by Love's wonderful customers across the country.

We appreciate the opportunity to tell these stories and espouse the wonderful work done by Childrens' Hospitals across the country.

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