Photos: 2 weeks to go in 2015 CMN Hospitals fundraising campaign

Photos: 2 weeks to go in 2015 CMN Hospitals fundraising campaign

Posted September 16, 2015
Love's family member sells lemonade for CMNH

Help us make miracles happen $1 at a time

It dawned on us this morning that we are down to our final two weeks of the 2015 fundraising campaign for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Love’s Children’s Miracle Network Hospitalscampaign runs from August 25 through September 30, and we are proud to raise support for childrencoast to coast who need care and treatment from magnificent doctors and nurses.

Every dollar you give helps, and each dollar goes toward a local Children's Miracle Network hospital in the vicinity of the store where you donated! The money stays local.

So, there's no clowning around here. It's time for us to break out some really fun in-store events to help raise money for children across the country.

Love's manager Andy clown for CMNH

Oh, wait. That's no clown! That's General Manager Andy Anderson from Love's 479 in Sioux City, Iowa, and he's willing to do anything for your $5 donation, including wearing this get-up!

Love's GM in denton dunk tank for CMNH

General Manager Nathan Hatcher from Love's 217 in Denton, Texas, is willing to get dunked in the dunk tank to raise a few dollars for children in need! Alas, it's not just about the wacky and wild things our employees are willing to do to raise money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

It's about children like Brayden Simpson in Georgia. Doctors found a heart murmur in Brayden’s heart, one that they hoped would close, but at 2 years old, he was still struggling to breathe. After doctors learned that his heart was enlarged, a decision was made to operate.

Brayden Simpson hospital after surgery

That's why our wonderful customers give and give and give, and it's why we work so hard each summer on this campaign. We have put together a list of CMN events happening at our stores over the next two weeks.

They include bake sales like the one below at Love's 228 in Auburndale, Florida! Yum.

Love's 228 bake sale for CMNH

It might mean homemade goodies such as these being sold at Love's 341 in Rolla, Missouri.

Love's 341 raises money for CMNH

 And it can mean fun and games like what we had here at Love's 448 in Tacoma, Washington.

Carnival at Love's 448 for CMNH

But none of it would be possible without our wonderful customers like YOU!

Professional driver giving money to CMNH

So, if you've already given, "Thank you!" But if you have an extra dollar or five to spare, to help local kids at local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals across the country, it would be appreciated immensely!