Video: TirePass saves professional driver on his cost per mile

Video: TirePass saves professional driver on his cost per mile

Posted September 10, 2015
Trucker loves TirePass at GATS

Daniel Lea talks about TirePass, Love's innovative new tire-inflation service

We met thousands of awesome Love's customers at this year's Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, including Daniel Lea with LS Transportation. He was pumped about our new TirePass service.

Throughout the show, held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center from August 27 to 29, we asked those who came by our booth about their #CostPerMile. Specifically, we asked professional drivers how they lower their cost per mile, and we showed them how Love's Travel Stops can lower it even more.

When we talked to Daniel about his #CostPerMile, he immediately pointed to TirePass.

"It saves me time. I can't fuel as quick as they can assess the tire situation," he said.

How does TirePass work? You pull into the fuel and tire-inflation service lane and fuel up while we measure, evaluate and correct your tires. A trained Love's technician will check your tire pressure, automatically inflate low tires, measure tread depth and visually check tire and wheel assemblies.

Saves time. Saves money.

"Naturally, I get better fuel mileage due to properly inflated tires," Daniel said.

Take a moment and watch Daniel's video. He says it much better than we could write it, and then do yourself a favor and give TirePass a try! If you're a My Love Rewards member and you haven't tried it, the first time is on us. You have credits on your My Love Rewards card.