Leap of faith produced successful trucking business for owner-operator

Leap of faith produced successful trucking business for owner-operator

Owner-operator shares her love of Love's at MATS

My Love Rewards cardholder Kimberly Person owns Faulcon Trucking

A little bit of faith goes a long, long way when deciding to go into business for yourself. Just ask Kimberly Person, an owner-operator who happens to be a My Love Rewards cardholder.

"I just got tired of dead-end jobs, and my dad was a truck driver," Person said.

Still, it took faith to give it a shot, and it's something she advises the next generation of drivers to have.

"If you can do this, don't be scared to step out into that water," Person said.

It's paid off for this 18-year veteran of the trucking industry.

Person lives in Prince George, Virginia, and owns Faulcon Trucking. Her loads include products from Coca-Cola and Kimberly-Clark among others, and her routes take her throughout the Southeastern United States from Texas to Mississippi to Tennessee.

She loves Louisiana scenery and especially loves driving near the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile, Alabama. Being an owner-operator means Person has independence.

"You're your own boss. You don't have to have anybody bugging you out there," she said.

Person not only values her professional independence, she values her time. We asked her about TirePass, the innovative tire-inflation service from Love's Truck Tire Care, and she said she loves that it can be done while she fuels up.

"TirePass is helpful, and my the time you come out of the store, it's all ready to go," Person said.

It's not the only thing this owner-operator loves about Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores.

"I love the points from My Love Rewards! And you get the points for using TirePass," Person said enthusiastically at the Love's booth inside the Mid-America Trucking Show on Saturday.

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