Path to Love's Started with Decision to Serve America in the Navy

Path to Love's Started with Decision to Serve America in the Navy

Jay Williams Navy

Field Recruiting Coordinator Jay Williams took a big leap of faith by deciding to join the Navy when she was only 17 years old. It helped her gain useful insight that she now exhibits in her personal and professional life.

"After high school, I didn't have much money to attend college," said Williams. "I thought joining the Navy would be the best opportunity for me to earn money toward my education."

Along with joining at such a young age, Williams was also deployed at the age of 17. In the Navy, she served as aviation boatswain's mates fuel (ABF) operator. She worked in aviation support with tower operations and quality insurance operations, which required her to ensure the equipment and aircraft followed federal compliance regulations.

At the age of 23, she left the Navy and began attending the University of Oklahoma. She found her start at Love's corporate office as an intern.

"About a month into my internship, I was pulled from the program and offered a full-time position as a recruiting coordinator," said Williams.

Williams has been a part of our Love's family for a year and a half now. Her time spent in the service developed her into a strong leader and shines through in her work at Love's.

"One thing that I have taken away from my experience is that military personnel have the ability to be great leaders and to communicate well with people from all backgrounds in an effective way," said Williams. "You have to learn how to balance different expectations and have all of them come into what the company would consider its mission."

Jay Williams Navy

Left to right: ABH2 (AW/SW) Katrena Hall, ABF2 (AW) Jay Williams and ABH2 (AW/SW) Tiffany Rawlings are all smiles after returning from a 14-month deployment in 2012.

Being part of the Navy at such a young age, she had to mature quickly. It helped shape her into a person with whom all age groups and different levels of people can work. The Navy taught her the element of hard work.

"Once I was offered the position I'm in now, I went from being a full-time student to finishing my education online while working full time," said Williams. "Working for this company changed my life in regard to appreciating the opportunities you are given. Here I am with not even a year left of school, and I'm in a position that is leading to management."

She is an inspiration to us all here at the corporate office. Her leadership is something we are always looking for in our employees. Thanks you for your service, Jay!

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