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8 unexpected stocking stuffers you can find at Love's Travel Stops

Posted December 16, 2016
stocking stuffers ideas

Did you know Love's Travel Stops sells Christmas toys and gifts? From Hot Wheels to earbuds to candy, your 24-hour Gift Stop has treats and trinkets you want for those stockings.

1. Earbuds

earbuds for road trips

2. Stuffed animals

stuffed animals at Love's truck stops

3. Hot Wheels

hot wheels for stocking stuffers

4. Beanies

beanies at Love's trucks stops

5. Sticker activity sets

sticker set for kids

6. DVDs and audio books

suicide squad DVD

7. Dolls and action figures

stars wars action figures

8. Candy, candy and more candy

mars candy bars

For the traveler or professional driver in your life, Love's gift cards are great, too. Stop by Love's locations nationwide to stock up on gifts for friends and family who are near and dear.

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