The joys of toys: Love's stores participate in Toys for Tots

The joys of toys: Love's stores participate in Toys for Tots

Posted December 28, 2016
loves employees donate to toys for tots

The holiday season is a wonderful mix of happiness, fun, excitement and stress. For many families, that final ingredient outweighs all of the others. That's especially true when children are involved, and the families can't afford to give them the Christmas they deserve. Love's district 1963 decided to pitch in and help those families have a merry Christmas.

The district teamed up to participate in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve's Toys for Totsdrive. This is the first year district 1963 put in a combined effort for Toys for Tots, but it wasn't everyone's first experience with the organization. District Manager Creig Robert held drives while he was restaurant manager at Love's 347 in Boonville, Missouri, and general manager at Love's 352 in Jeffersonville, Ohio. His reason for making it a districtwide effort was simple.

toys for tots at loves marines and loves employees with toys for tots donation

"We put in a lot for CMN Hospitals, so it's tough to gear up for something else," said Roberts. "But our group has a great ability to raise money so we took on the task and wanted to make a difference."

Toys for Tots is a program conducted each year from October to December. The U.S. Marine Corps Reserve collects new, unwrapped toys and distributes them to children who are less fortunate. All donations stay in the community in which the campaign was conducted. For Roberts, this mission hits home on multiple accounts.

"Both of my parents were Marines," said Roberts. "Christmas is the most magical time of year when every kid should wake up to gifts under the Christmas tree. When I was a kid, we had a few Christmases where a program like this helped my family."

marines with loves travel stop manager toys for tots at loves travel stops

Roberts and the rest of district 1963 approached the Toys for Tots drive the same way they look at the CMN Hospitals campaign. They treated it as a fun team-building activity that helps a great cause in the process. Much like the CMN Hospitals campaign, the drive was a huge success. Overall, the district raised roughly $10,000 worth of toys.

A portion of the donation was earned through chili cook-offs and other similar events. Most of it came directly from Customers who were compelled to spread the joy this holiday season. Thanks to the efforts and generosity of the employees and Customers, hundreds of children will have new toys this Christmas.