Love's fuel haulers donate to Nashville elementary school

Love's fuel haulers donate to Nashville elementary school

When we think of Nashville, Tennessee, three things come to mind, country music, that show on ABC and the Tennessee Titans. However, Nashville may now also be known for having the friendliest group of fuel haulers east of the Mississippi.

Lead Fuel Driver Scott Anderson and several Gemini Motor Transport drivers came together two weeks ago to raise money for Napier Elementary School in Nashville. In conjunction with the Citgo terminal operators, the drivers contributed more than $150 to the school’s reading program, Napier Reading Clinic. Even with no connection to the school, the Gemini crew rallied together to support their community.

“The terminal operator told us a school was running out of money for their reading program,” Anderson said. “We don’t have any ties to the school, but someone in the community needed help, so we did our part to help.”

Napier Reading Clinic provides assistance to students who read below their grade levels. Similar to the Love’s partnership with Ridgeview Elementary School, Napier relies on volunteers from community partners. Volunteers spend one hour every week with Napier students reading and helping with homework.

“Most of our students are below reading level, and the district doesn’t provide funding,” Napier Secretary Nicole Buchanan said. “This is going to be a huge help.”

The money raised by the drivers will go toward supplies for the program such as white boards, prizes, markers and more.

“It's a school that needs help, so it’s nice we can help fund the reading program,” Anderson said. “This is the first time we have donated out of pocket for a cause, but we wanted to help.”

Nashville Fuel Haulers Donate to School

Love's is committed to helping the local communities in which our employees live and work. We are proud to employ great people who work to help their communities, too.

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