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PHOTOS: Thousands flock to Love’s for a chance at Powerball jackpot

Posted January 15, 2016

Every few months, a fad will sweep across this great country. Recently, it was the Whip and Nae Nae followed by pumpkin spice. But for the past several weeks, the craze has been the Powerball. 

With more than a $1.5 billion prize up for grabs, people across the country have been rushing to their nearest store with dreams of grandeur. For a lot of folks, the go-to store was Love's! Take a look at Love's 237 in Tallulah, Louisiana.

 People buying Powerball at Love's

People buying Powerball at Love's

People buying Powerball at Love's

People buying Powerball at Love's 

"The entire team did a remarkable job handling the huge crowds and providing great customer service," said District Manager Terry Jobb. "Our sales are so high because our store is on the Alabama state line, where they do not have a lottery."

Two locations have even been featured in the news. Love's 344 in Memphis, Tennessee was featured in a story by WREG-TV.

WREG Memphis news story Powerball 

According to WREG-TV, "Up to 20 people constantly stood in line at Love's gas station on Lamar Wednesday. Love's had up to four people behind the cash register."

Love's 205 in Oklahoma City was featured in The Oklahoman and KFOR-TV.​

Powerball fever grips Oklahoma 

Oklahoma lottery winners share stories 

In his interview with The Oklahoman, Love's 205 GM Brent Nash said, "It gets crazy in here. The jackpot has created excitement and traffic. I like to see the numbers get high."

For those who haven't purchased a ticket yet, unfortunately, three winners were identified today. But hey, you can still Whip and Nae Nae and enjoy some pumpkin spice.

If you have photos or stories about Powerball fever at your store, share them below!

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