5 ways to get more from your My Love Rewards card

5 ways to get more from your My Love Rewards card

My Love Rewards loyalty program

If you've spent any time on Facebook or the Interwebs in general, you know that lists are all the rage. Tips for this, ways to do that: We like our information in digestible, usable morsels.

If that's true, then we have quite the feast for you! We've got a list that will help you get the most from your My Love Rewards card, saving you on your Cost Per Mile.

The My Love Rewards program is the best program on the road, saving drivers the most money and offering the best rewards. However, not everybody is getting as much from the program as they could be. We're here to help. We want you to earn more and save more!

Here are "5 Ways To Get More From Your My Love Rewards Card":

1. Make sure to sign up for Special Offers via email, text, mobile app notifications and phone.

  • Log in to your loyalty account in the store at the kiosk.
  • Click Profile.
  • Check boxes under Personalized Rewards.
  • Click Update.
  • Or you can call Customer Service at 1-800-OK-LOVES.

2. Add rewards@e.loves.com to the contacts in your email address book to make sure your Special Offers get delivered to your inbox.

3. Download the Love's Connect mobile app for special offers sent directly to your mobile phone. The Love's Connect app helps you locate Love's stores, ensuring you earn the most rewards points possible on your fuel purchases!

Plus, with the Love's Connect app, you get access to your point balance and credits for drink refills, showers and TirePass.

4. The more you fuel, the more you earn. Check out this chart for ways to earn the most with your My Love Rewards card.


Level Gallons fueled in previous month Points earned per gallon fueled or qualifying merch dollar Shower Credits (Per Day) Drink Refill Credits (Per Day)
Diamond 1,500 4 2 2
Platinum 1,000 3 2 2
Gold 500 2 1 1
Base 499 or less 1 1 1

5. Get in the habit of swiping your card on every purchase so you won't miss out on the opportunity to earn points. Drivers earn My Love Rewards points on just about everything, including fuel, tires and store merchandise.

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