This choir performs beautiful rendition of national anthem at Love's

This choir performs beautiful rendition of national anthem at Love's

It was business as usual one recent Thursday morning at Love's 285 in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. That was until a bus arrived on the lot. The bus itself wasn't out of the ordinary; its passengers were what made the bus unique.

This particular bus was carrying a student choir from The Master's College in Santa Clarita, California. They were on their way home after performing a series of shows. Now, they could've fueled up, grabbed some snacks and skedaddled, but what's the fun in that? After learning what the students were doing, GM Jeff Hinkle asked the group if they'd like to sing a little something. To his surprise, they accommodated his request.

The choir assembled and began singing the national anthem. The act was so spontaneous DM 1941 Faustin Lovato wasn't able to get his phone out of his pocket quick enough to catch the beginning of the song. The impromptu performance quickly caught the attention of everyone in the store. Customers and employees alike stopped what they were doing to enjoy the show.

It's spur-of-the-moment events like this that make it impossible to know exactly what is going to happen in our stores on any given day. Fortunately, part of this moment was caught on camera. Enjoy a segment of the national anthem courtesy of The Master's College choir.

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