Technology helps keep Gemini Motor Transport drivers safe

Technology helps keep Gemini Motor Transport drivers safe

Gemini Motor Transport tanker safety

"Safe" is not only something a baseball umpire says; it's also what Gemini Motor Transport prides itself on. Rigorous safety training programs and meetings are part of the Gemini culture. However, Gemini also relies on the latest technology to keep our fuel haulers and others on the road safe.

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"Our top priority is to be the safest fleet," said Todd Singleton, manager of maintenance and compliance. "We haul dangerous materials so we do everything we can such as implementing the latest technologies to keep our drivers and other motorists safe."

What technologies make our trucks the safest?

  • Rolltek – Provides an advanced side-roll airbag protection system that keeps drivers safe in the worst kind of crash, a rollover.
  • Adaptive cruise – Uses radar to detect other vehicles on the road. Additionally, if a driver gets too close to another vehicle, the radar will sound an alert and activate the brakes.
  • Anti-lock brakes – Prevents trucks from skidding and helps the driver remain in control during a sudden stop.
  • Roll stability control – Triggers brakes if a high rollover risk is detected while driving.
  • Automatic transmission – Allows drivers to maintain two hands on the wheel and focus on the road.

Technology is always changing. That's why Gemini and its partners always examine the newest trends.

"We work closely with our truck suppliers to identify the latest technologies," said Singleton. "In the future, we will have better adaptive cruise that can identify speed limit signs and swerving. We'll also be able to obtain live data from the trucks such as speed and how much fuel is being used."

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