PHOTOS: Blizzard bears down on Colorado as Love's keeps drivers warm

PHOTOS: Blizzard bears down on Colorado as Love's keeps drivers warm

Colorado diesel bay in winter storm

It's been more than 24 hours since Arturo Alvarado has felt the cool side of a pillow. The Love's Truck Tire Care manager at Love's 300 in Bennett, Colorado, just pulled an all-nighter in the wake of a blizzard that he hopes is the last of the season.

"I sure pray it is," he said.

Just days before, temperatures in central and northeastern Colorado were downright springlike. However, Mother Nature's topsy-turvy ways brought the Bennett area one of its nastiest storms in years.

"I'm 5 foot 11 inches tall, and the drifts were up to my shoulders, but drivers told us that we probably got 14 to 18 inches of snow overall," Alvarado said.

His team's focus was on taking care of Customers. Jared Thomas was originally scheduled to be in tire care training this week, but as you can see below, he was on shovel duty. The winter storm had other plans!

Bennett Colorado Love's employees shovels snow

Jared shovels snow for Customers at Love's 300 in Bennett, Colorado

Debbie Blair, Alicia Lowrance and Erica Gomez worked the store while Alvarado, Thomas and Zane Conter worked to make sure the parking lot was clear and drivers had diesel so they could stay warm.

"A lot of people were very grateful that we jumped to it as quickly as we did to put diesel back into their engines so they could have heat," Alvarado said.

Love's service truck plowing parking lot

The Love's Truck Tire Care team clears the way for this Customer.

It's a common theme when inclement weather hits. The Love's team prepares for the storm so they can take care of Customers, including several drivers who had to park it once the snowfall became a white-out situation.

"We haven't had a snow storm this bad, they were telling me, in like 10 years," he said.

Forecasters expect some melting to start happening by Thursday with a full melt not likely until the weekend. That means several more pots of coffee for Alvarado and the team at Love's 300 before everybody gets a chance to make it home and catch up on some rest.

Thank you to the team at Love's 300! All of our 370-plus Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores locations nationwide are here to serve YOU!

Love's service truck plows snow in Colorado 

Love's Truck Tire Care keeps the lot in Bennett, Colorado, clear

Colorado diesel bay in winter storm

A view from the cab

Love's diesel mechanics fix truck in snow storm

Arturo and Zane helping a professional driver

tractor-trailer at Love's in snow storm