Red Eye Radio talks to Love's Travel Stops at MATS 2016

Red Eye Radio talks to Love's Travel Stops at MATS 2016

Red Eye radio with Love's at MATS

Love's tells host Eric Harley about TirePass, Roadside Assistance, Freight Factoring

Professional drivers who work the third shift have long been familiar with popular radio personality, Eric Harley. He's celebrating his 20th year hosting Red Eye Radio, which can be heard across the country, Monday through Friday, midnight to 5 a.m. Central Time.

On Day 1 of the Mid-America Trucking Show, held at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, the crew with Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores -- located at Booth 19080 just inside North Wing A -- got to meet Harley during daylight hours and had the chance to tell him about all the exciting new offerings available from Love's.

The Love's team was pumped to meet Harley, and he was impressed by the Love's team, especially by its focus on helping professional drivers save on their Cost Per Mile.

"Today you have to be the CEO, COO, CIO, CTO and CFO, and all you really wanted to do is drive a truck," explained Love's Travel Stops' Eric Roth.

Roth and Harley were joined by another Eric, Eric Daniels from Love's Truck Tire Care business. Daniels told Harley about TirePass, underscoring the economic importance of ensuring properly inflated tires. Roth added that a service like TirePass is also a stress reducer.

"We're trying to define areas of automation to make a driver's life easier," Roth said.

The trio of Erics were discussing topics that will soon air on Red Eye Radio as part of a maintenance tips series for drivers. However, they were soon joined by Caleb Thompson from Love's Financial to discuss freight factoring, a service also offered to drivers by Love's.

Thompson was able to tie it back to the concept of saving drivers on their Cost Per Mile.

"We're going to get you paid sooner," Thompson said.

Roth noted that concerns typically associated with factoring were eliminated when Love's Financial took away fees and added transparency with a big dose of human connection. Thompson explained that the connection takes the form of back-office support for drivers.

"Back-office support for drivers is vital because if drivers aren't on the road, they're not making money," Thompson said.

Learn more about the Red Eye Radio Show from their website or become a fan of the show on their Facebook page. And if you happen to be in Louisville for MATS, pay us a visit at Booth 19080 and bring your My Love Rewards card for a chance to earn a quick 500 points!

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