NASCAR: Buescher goes on ride of young Sprint Cup career

NASCAR: Buescher goes on ride of young Sprint Cup career

Buescher wrecked car at Talladega

At a track known for its wild unpredictability, Talladega Superspeedway was even crazier than normal on Sunday at the GEICO 500. Or as the kids might say, "Talladega's gonna Talladega."

And the driver of the #34 Love's Ford Fusion, Chris Buescher, went on the ride of his young Sprint Cup career.

Buescher finished 37th in the wreck-marred race, and he said it all happened really fast.

"(The wreck) was so quick I never had any time to react. We got clipped in the right rear, and as soon as it turned, it went up on its lid. I thought we were clear of the wreck. I saw it happening in front of us and checked up, and the next thing I knew I was upside down," Buescher said.

Buescher went to the care center and was released after a quick medical review. Brad Keselowski won the race, but all the talk about the GEICO 500 centered on crashes, and not just Buescher's. All but a handful of race cars left Talladega with damage.

"It has been a rough year for speedway racing," Buescher said. "We felt we were decent this race with our Love's/CSX Ford. We were holding our own and waiting, but here we are (at the care center). It is unfortunate. I really hate it for the guys."

Buescher's next race in the #34 Love's Ford Fusion will be on June 26 at Sonoma Raceway in the Toyota Save Mart 350.

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