Saint Louis University Dance Marathon shatters fundraising record

Saint Louis University Dance Marathon shatters fundraising record

saint louis university dance marathon 2016 total

This blog post was written by SLUDM's executive team.

"We have to let the passion that the miracle stories inspire in us, move us and move us to act" - SLUDM Executive Board Member

 On Nov. 19, 2016, more than 600 Saint Louis University students demonstrated that a group of college students can truly make a difference in the lives of others. For 12 hours, these students danced, listened and inspired thousands of people to fundraise for a cause greater than themselves.

What started six years ago as a fundraising event that took place on campus, Saint Louis University Miracle Network Dance Marathon has grown into the single largest student fundraising effort not only at SLU, but in the entire city of St. Louis.

"It has been absolutely incredible to see this organization grow from simply a one-time event to a yearlong movement for an entire community," said Mike Degnan, vice president of operations for SLUDM 2016. "I have never felt such an unbelievable amount of energy in a room than I did at SLUDM 2016. I am truly blessed to be a part of such an amazing team and organization."

With the support of Love's Travel Stops, SLUDM was able to invest in resources that increased their participant fundraising and retention. Club $150 was a new designation given to participants who had raised $150 at the event. These participants received special recognition such as adding a brick to the "Build a Hospital" wall, ringing the bell of miracles and attending a free brunch the next day. Most of these items were funded through the support of Love's.

SLUDM build-a-miracle wall

"Build-a-Hospital" bricks at SLUDM.

The miracles didn't stop at the end of the twelth hour for SLUDM. Donations continued to pour in, including one anonymous individual who was so moved by the Main Event that he/she decided to donate $9,000 to push SLUDM over its $230,000 goal one day after the event.

"I am at a loss for words," said Elly Harrell, vice president of mission and marketing. "When I got the call that a donor was so moved by what our team created...and that this person felt so inspired to help us reach our was truly a powerful moment."

With its new $233,115 total, SLUDM shattered the record it had already broken that year of the highest fundraising total in SLUDM history.

SLUDM team

The SLUDM team celebrates their highest total ever of $233,115.

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