Gemini driver brings new meaning to roadside assistance

Gemini driver brings new meaning to roadside assistance


It's no secret Love's employees go the extra mile to serve our Customers. As Geminidriver Johnny Moncrief demonstrated, serving the Customer doesn't just happen at an interstate or highway exit.

Rosemary Carter and her husband were driving home to southeast Alabama on a rainy day when that dreaded low tire pressure light illuminated. They had a flat tire.

"Unable to find a service station with an air pump, we limped to Troy, Alabama," said Carter. "Suddenly, a Love's tanker began honking and flashing his headlights."

The honking and blinking was coming from Moncrief's bright yellow tanker. After alerting fellow truck drivers through his CB radio about the Carter's car, Moncrief got the couple to pull over.

"Their left front tire was almost out," said Moncrief. "I directed them to pull over in a good, wide, safe area. Pulling over on the shoulder of the road is too dangerous."

Moncrief offered to change the tire but without the proper tools, they settled for emergency sealant.

After applying the sealant, Moncrief followed the couple with his hazard lights flashing for 15 miles to Troy. The Carters had their tire fixed and resumed their journey without any further delays.

gemini motor transport driver

Johnny Moncrief

Moncrief arrived at Love's 566 in Ozark, Alabama much later than expected. The staff at Love's 566 had been informed of his good deed and greeted Moncrief with a warm welcome and a free meal.

Brent Bergevin, vice president of transportation, can always count on his drivers to assist Customers in more ways than just delivering fuel.

"We always want our drivers to go above and beyond," said Bergevin. "This is another example of a Gemini employee who loves his job and company. We have 1,000 employees just like that. It makes me proud as heck."

Moncrief insists he isn't a hero, just a man looking to help others.

"That's what God put us on this Earth for, to help each," said Moncrief. "My father always told me, 'Help anybody out.' I've always lived by that motto."

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