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TirePass: What you need to know about Love's in-lane tire service

Posted September 29, 2016
Love's TirePass

Love's has an exclusive service to keep you and your tires safe on the road. As you continue to utilize TirePass as part of your pre-trip inspection, our tire techs can help you prevent costly roadside emergencies, increase fuel efficiency and maximize your tire life.

Here’s what you need to know about Love’s TirePass.

What is TirePass?

TirePass is a revolutionary in-lane tire inflation and assessment service our certified technicians perform in the time it takes you to fuel.

How much is a TirePass credit worth?

One TirePass credit is good for a tire check and fill for your tractor OR trailer – a $5 value. Use two credits to check and fill all tires on both your tractor and trailer.

How does the service work?

1. Pull up to the TirePass fuel lane.

2. Press the button on the call box.

3. Pull forward when a team member raises the TirePass arm.

4. A tire technician will arrive to check and fill your tires while you fuel.

5. Go inside for your TirePass report and pay with your My Love Rewards credits.

See how it works:

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