Love's leader in the lineup at Women in Leadership Conference

Love's leader in the lineup at Women in Leadership Conference

okc panel at women in leadership conference

Last week, hundreds of women gathered at the eighth annual Women in Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City to celebrate, empower and encourage women who are leaders or aspiring leaders. Since Love's calls OKC home, it makes sense our Vice President of Communications Jenny Love Meyer would be invited to participate in a panel discussion on how women can continue to lead and advance professionally.

Speakers from all over the country addressed a variety of topics, including determining whether someone is lying to you, important attributes of leaders, how women have climbed to their stature in the workforce and how to keep moving up. This is a timely topic for Love's as we've recently seen a number of women move up in Love's management, including District Manager LaDonna Felder and District Manager Mariah Johnson being promoted and District Manager Mireya Crawford taking over a new district!

Love Meyer and the rest of the panel, which included women from various professions in Oklahoma, tackled several questions. In response to a question from an attendee about how to mend relationships you might've damaged early in your career, Love Meyer encouraged understanding what the organization stands for from the beginning to avoid that problem altogether.

"Make sure your values line up with the organization from the start. Leadership styles may be different. Mine started one way and has evolved over the years. Be aware of how you come across and how you're compatible with others," said Love Meyer.

Panelists also offered advice to attendees who may have to step away from the workforce due to growing families, aging parents or any other of life's issues that unexpectedly come up. See Love Meyer's response:

Love Meyer's parting advice had nothing to do with gender and everything to do with self-confidence. Her statement can be applied to your life at Love's and the work you do outside of your job.

"Know what you're good at and embrace that. Make sure you have a good cultural fit with an organization. Work hard, but don't sell yourself short," said Love Meyer.

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