Matrimony on the move: Meet Gemini's married driving duo

Matrimony on the move: Meet Gemini's married driving duo

married couple drives for Gemini Motor Transport

For more than 10 years, Bill and Cindy McFarland have been professionally driving together. They've trekked across the country delivering produce, furniture and other goods. Today, the McFarlands still make deliveries but instead of produce and furniture, it's fuel to Love's locations on the East Coast.

"We've been together for 16 years and married for eight," said Bill. "About 10 years ago, I had my own truck so I trained Cindy for several months. Not only would we make more money, but we would also get to be together.

The tandem rotates behind the wheel in their sleeper truck serving Love's 399 in Lambsburg, Virginia; Love's 239 in Wytheville, Virginia, and Love's 613 in Meadowview, Virginia. Because the truck is on the road all day, they carry more loads and can deliver fuel to more remote locations if needed.

"I'll drive a shift, and then Cindy takes over," said Bill. "The truck is constantly moving so we can haul more than a solo driver. They're running 11 hours a day; we're running 24."

OTR married driving duo

About two years ago, Bill and Cindy decided to find a job closer to their home in Wytheville, Virginia. They heard good things about Gemini Motor Transport from fellow drivers and gave it a shot. The team approached Jeremy Gravely, Gemini's director of operations East, last year about carrying over their tandem system to Gemini. It's been a hit ever since.

"Working for Gemini is great. We couldn't ask for better people to work with," said Cindy. "I get to see my kids and grandkids every week now."

Bill and Cindy expressed a deep appreciation for being able to continue driving together while staying close to home. However, it is their commitment to Love's Customers and willingness to be great people who care that make Gemini and Love's grateful to have the McFarlands on our team.

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