Peace of Mind: Witness Your Torque

Peace of Mind: Witness Your Torque

speedco employee with torque wrench

Why does Speedco ask me to witness torque?

Torque is one of the most important steps in the lube process because it offers:

  • Peace of Mind: Witnessing the torque offers customers and Speedco peace of mind that the plug is secure.
  • Exactness: The torque wrench allows the Crew Chief to tighten to exactly the manufacturer's recommended specification.
  • Reduces Component Wear and Tear: If the clamping force is incorrect for the plug, it could cause leaks and potentially damage gaskets, threads, plugs, and/or related components. Proper torque is essential in generating the correct amount of clamping force.

The simple use of a torque wrench allows the Crew Chief to tighten the plugs with confidence that the plug won't be too tight or too loose; it ensures that the plug will be installed per the manufacturer's recommended value.

Also, our in-house calibration verification program increases confidence in the torque wrenches being used. Speedco regularly checks the torque wrench and testing equipment to ensure it is calibrated correctly. If a torque wrench is found to be inaccurate, it's replaced and will not be used on trucks.

A calibrated torque wrench is still not enough to make sure your truck gets the best service possible. Our technicians clean threads of any removed plugs to help create the correct amount of clamping force. We also ask you to listen for a "click" when torque is being applied. This sound indicates that the plug has been torqued to the correct value.

At Speedco, we value all interactions with our customers and encourage every driver to be an active part of a truck's service. Unlike many other truck service centers, Speedco allows you to stand by your trucks to witness every aspect of the service for further peace of mind.

We understand that your truck is your money-maker and want to offer you the ability to feel confident in your truck's service. Witnessing the torque process is just one aspect that allows you to drive off our lot in confidence.