Love's + Godfather's Pizza = National Pizza Day dream

Love's + Godfather's Pizza = National Pizza Day dream

godfathers pizza at loves

If you're like us, you often dream about pizza. The cheese. The crust. The toppings. Are you a purist with a simple slice of cheese pizza or do you load it up with toppings like jalapenos, pickles and pepperoni?

Luckily, your National Pizza Day dreams can come true every day with Godfather's Pizza and Love's. With more than 70 Godfather's Pizza locations nationwide, you have ample opportunities to celebrate National Pizza Day with Love's!

Whether it's the Bacon Cheeseburger pie or the All-Meat Combo, some would say it's pizza you can't refuse!

From California to Georgia, Love’s is serving up Godfather's Pizza this National Pizza Day. Check out the complete list of Godfather's Pizza locations with Love's location search.

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