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RV and boat storage in Las Vegas is an easy decision

Posted February 8, 2017
RV and boat storage in Las Vegas

Whether you're attracted to the bright lights of the Las Vegas strip or you're a Nevada regular interested in road trips across the American West or weekends at the lake, Love's Storage Solutions has a place you can call home -- home for your RV or boat, that is.

Call us at 702-904-8547.

Love's Storage Solutions in Las Vegas has great deals on RV and boat storage. It is located just off Highway 93 and Interstate 15, next to the Love's Travel Stop.

That's 15 miles from downtown Las Vegas, so Love's Storage is accessible on your way out of town or into the city. And we have parking spots in all sorts of sizes from 12x12 to 12x45. We have parking spots so big, they can fit a Gemini fuel hauler!

Love's tanker truck Las Vegas RV and boat storage 

Kidding aside, Love's not only has big RV and boat storage, we have some sweet deals.

We have a First Month Free offer, which means exactly that. First. Month. Free.

And we'll match any local competitor's price.

So, by all means, do some comparison shopping. But then when it comes time to park your recreational vehicle or boat, come back to Love's. We offer a safe, convenient place to rest your ride, and you won't find a better offer.

Now check out a few photos from our facility!

RV and boat storage in Las Vegas
RV and boat storage in Las Vegas
RV and boat storage in Las Vegas
RV and boat storage in Las Vegas

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