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Photos: Winter storm Niko drops lots of snow in N.Y., Penn.

Posted February 9, 2017
Canaan New York snow storm

Our colleagues in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York are dealing with a Nor'easter this week, and it's a reminder that the groundhog was right: winter is not nearly over.

It started snowing at about 2 a.m. February 9 in Canaan, New York, home of Love's 611.

"We're over a foot now, and it's coming down at the rate of a few inches an hour," said General Manager Tom Gabriel.

Gabriel's team is serving Customers who need a place to stop, to fuel up or to eat a hearty lunch at Subway or Dunkin' Donuts. He said they were able to get enough people into work to man all the registers and plow the parking lot.

"Thank goodness our entire Truck Tire Care team was able to make it in! We've got two plows going pretty much constantly," Gabriel said.

The Canaan area is used to winter weather like this, of course. Gabriel said that he'd estimate they see three Nor'easters like this per season.

Check out these photos from Love's 611:

Canaan New York snow stormCanaan New York snow storm

Canaan New York snow stormCanaan New York snow storm

Our colleagues at Love's 366 in Jonestown, Pennsylvania, also sent us some photos. They didn't have the snowfall amounts that New York got, but it produced a couple picturesque photos nonetheless.

Jonestown Pennsylvania snow stormJonestown Pennsylvania snow storm


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