Video: Tom Love is excited for 2017

Video: Tom Love is excited for 2017

Tom Love and Kealey


We've got big plans here at Love's for 2017, and it starts with an announcement that we plan to open 50-plus new stores this year. That means adding more than 3,400 truck-parking spaces at new stores and expanding truck-parking at many of our other sites.

With excitement in the air and a clear vision ahead, we asked Love's Founder and Executive Chairman Tom Love to talk to us about the company's plans for 2017. Our Supervisor of Media Kealey Dorian sat down with Tom for an exclusive interview.

Among the highlights:

  • We'll continue adding light mechanical and oil change offerings to new and existing travel stops.
  • Our first travel stop in Montana opens this year as does our second in Maryland.
  • We're expanding our Customer laundry facilities this year.
  • Our factoring services business and storage solutions offerings continue to grow.
  • And Love's Hospitality is on track to open eight hotels this year!

There's lots more in our press release and in the video above. Please give it a watch, and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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