Balance Your Rig With Centramatics

Balance Your Rig With Centramatics

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Thousands of fleets and owner/operators have increased mileage on tires by 25-50 percent. How? By running a balanced rig and enjoying the benefits of Centramatic balancers.

Traditionally many drivers have utilized balancers on steer tires but Centramatic balancers are available for the drive and trailer applications as well. You can enjoy the same benefits on your drive and trailer axles because on dual applications, a larger single balancer mounts between the dual and handles both the tire and wheel assembly. Let's face it, your largest tire investment is in your drive and trailer tires, why not protect your investment?

The secret behind Centramatic's ability to extend the life of a tire 25-50 percent is to lower tire-operating temperatures. Think of what this can do for recaps in the summer! Independent studies show that Centramatic balancers reduce tire-operating temperatures up to 10 percent. This is accomplished by eliminating sidewall flex (due to imbalance, which is a major source of tire cupping and heat build up) and by design. Balancers themselves act as heat sinks and dissipate heat very efficiently. All of these factors combine to create a smooth ride and extend tire life, not only on your current set of tires, but also many more to come.

Many fleets have run over 1,000,000 miles on an original set of balancers; therefore, they can be transferred to your next new tires or new truck. In addition to the long life span and increased mileage efficiency, Centramatics also come with a five-year unlimited mile warranty.