6 items spring breakers forget to pack

6 items spring breakers forget to pack

There's nothing quite like spring break. For one glorious week, you get to leave behind the chaos of your life, and the frigid temperatures, for greener pastures (unless you're leaving warmer temperatures for the snow-capped mountains, in which case, why?). Wrapping up the final details of your life so you can press pause to sip margaritas by the sea for a few days can be so chaotic that by the time you hit the road, people might confuse you for a certain rabbit as you rush past them mumbling something about being late.

rabbit from alice in wonderland

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Love's has more than 420 stores nationwide, several of which are located close to popular spring-break destinations. In an effort to help you make the most of your time at your destination, we asked managers of Love's locations like Love's 316 in Ormond Beach, Florida; Love's 495 in Fort Myers, Florida; Love's 340 in Las Vegas, Nevada; and Love's 386 in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, which items vacationers frequently buy because they left them at home. If you forget any of these necessities, Love's can help.

  1. Channing Tatum's advice to look as chill as he did in the spring break scene from 22 Jump Street would be to pack enough clothes to get you through the week.
  2. channing tatum jump street

    If you forget a thing or two, or misplace a few articles of clothing after a wild day, Love's has you covered. No questions asked. Photo credit.

  3. Want to dine on lobster but not look like one?
  4. heartbreak kid sunburn

    Pack the sunscreen. Photo credit.

  5. Nobody likes a Debbie Downer.
  6. dawson creek crying face

    Pack your mobile phone charger to ensure you avoid ugly crying because you can't text that hottie from the beach due to a dead battery. Photo credit.

  7. Think Zack Morris is only known for his colossal mobile phone?
  8. zack morris from saved by the bell

    Think again. If you want to have more swag than the coolest kid to walk the halls of Bayside High, you can snag a pair of headphones or ear buds at your nearest Love's. Photo credit.

  9. Speaking of people who are too cool for school ...
  10. indiana jones in hat

    You might not be unearthing valuable artifacts while enjoying the sandy beaches, but you'll never look as awesome as Indiana Jones without a swanky hat. Photo credit.

  11. Don't be a man (or woman) of danger.
  12. austin powers

    Protect your feet with proper flip-flops while poolside or beach bound. Photo credit.