Plan Ahead for a Healthy Driving Lifestyle

Plan Ahead for a Healthy Driving Lifestyle

healthy food for the road

Spending hours sitting in one position and watching the road can make it hard to stay healthy for some drivers. We want to help with these lifestyle tips, tricks, and healthy alternatives to the regular fast food and salty snacks endlessly available on the road.

To start pack snacks and easy meals that you make yourself, advanced food preparation will help a lot because you will be more conscious of the amount you are eating as well as what you are eating. Also the money saved could be used in the future, who doesn't love magnet souvenirs and collectable bobble heads?

Need some ideas of healthy and quick snacks? Try some of these favorites guaranteed to satisfy your midday hunger while staying healthy:

  • A container of mixed berries can supply a quick blast of energy, but bring napkins as this can tend to be a little messy.
  • Plain popcorn with little to no salt and butter is a super healthy snack that can be bought anywhere!
  • Cherry tomatoes are easy to pack and eat, just pop them in your mouth to enjoy this healthy and nutritious snack.

Can't make it to the grocery store? There are actually healthy snacks you can buy at convenience stores or truck stops. Walk past the donut case and hot dog machine and head right for the prepackaged snacks. If you have a cooler with you, grab a small carton of milk and some individual helpings of Cheerios for breakfast in the mornings. Trail mix is also a good alternative to the classic salty chips or pretzels calling your name.

Eating right isn't the only way to improve health on the road. Stretching and exercising are essential for physical health and good posture. "Healthy Trucker" is a good channel to follow on YouTube as they show great stretches you can easily do whenever you stop to gas up or complete preventative maintenance services. Lunges or toe touches work wonders to relieve the chronic lower back pain that ails many truck drivers.

Health and sleep go hand-in-hand. Did you know that having a nightly routine is great for getting on a healthy sleep schedule? While a normal sleep schedule can be hard to come by on the road, getting in a nightly routine will actually start to trick your body into feeling tired. This will help to get a full night's sleep and cause you to wake refreshed and ready to work.

For more lifestyle tips, check out health magazine articles for ideas of road-friendly recipes and road-friendly exercises.