How to Winterize Your Truck

How to Winterize Your Truck

gemini loves truck on snowy road

Have you winterized your truck? As the temperatures drop, your truck needs some extra attention to keep it running all winter long.

Check out the tips below on how to winterize your truck.

  • Pack an emergency kit. Include items such as food, blankets, tools and medical supplies in case you get stuck and have to wait for help to arrive.
  • Check cooling system. The cooling system, hoses, belts and the radiator should be checked for problems. Pull in to your next Love's Truck Tire Care or Speedco location for our mechanics to do the work for you.
  • Fuel additives can help prevent your fuel from gelling in the cold weather. Learn more about Love's exclusive Cold Weather Program.
  • Examine battery and electrical systems. Low temperatures drain batteries faster, so be sure to know the age and condition of your batteries. Stop in any Speedco or Love's Truck Tire Care shop to get your battery tested by our highly trained technicians.
  • Inspect Tires. Tire pressure changes with the weather. Use Love's TirePass to help prevent costly roadside emergencies and maximize your tire life.

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