Driver receives out-of-this-world service from Love's Financial

Driver receives out-of-this-world service from Love's Financial

Posted October 18, 2017
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Joe Jeffcoat owns Tennessee-based UFO Transit

Joe Jeffcoat knows out of this world service when he sees it. He's the owner and operator of UFO Trucks, a full-service logistics carrier that touts its "out of this world service."

Jeffcoat takes pride in offering that level of service to businesses in need of hauling anything from trade show gear to electronics and antiques, what people might call invaluable products. He started this business with his father, Hal, back in 2007.

Jeffcoat's introduction to Love's Financial came well after he started factoring with another company.

"The other company had changed its name. There was no communication, no service, and there were a lot of extra fees," he said. "Then I came across Love's while asking about a fuel card."

Love's has been a partner with Joe ever since.

"I was kind of nervous at first about changing companies, but one thing that excited me about Love's is that they work off of scans, and there were no extra fees," Jeffcoat said.

And then he was introduced to Love's brand of "out of this world" service.

"Love's has bent over backwards for me,"Jeffcoat said. "I'm amazed how much they've been willing to help."

The Sevierville, Tennessee, resident talked to us from just northeast of Allentown, Pennsylvania, where he was wrapping up a delivery. The conversation about customer service reminded him of an instance when his truck broke down, and he couldn't pay for his fuel.

"Love's carried my payment," he said. "I've probably brought you all a dozen customers ever since."

Working with Love's, Jeffcoat said, is like having a partner. Love's helps with all the back office work that inevitably takes a driver's focus off what makes him or her money: Driving. Love's helps with invoicing, payment processing and collections.

"Love's is basically the cheapest employee I could possibly have," Jeffcoat said. "If I ended up hiring somebody for even 20 hours a week, it would cost more to hire somebody -- and I'm still taking a risk on waiting to get paid."

Love's Financial minimizes risk and affords drivers a peace of mind.

"I don't have to worry," Jeffcoat said. "I don't have to float anything, and if the customer goes bankrupt, I'm covered."

When he's not behind the wheel, Jeffcoat enjoys traveling, camping, SCUBA diving, sailing and photography. It's another benefit of factoring with Love's: More free time away from the road!

If you're interested in experiencing out-of-this-world service like Joe, call us at 1-855-495-LOVES. That's 1-855-495-5683.