Fundraising for Children's Hospital Colorado hits close to home for Love's manager

Fundraising for Children's Hospital Colorado hits close to home for Love's manager

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 Love's 2017 Children's Miracle Network Hospitals campaign is well underway. The money we raise goes straight to local hospitals to help sick and injured kids in your area.

Sometimes, those kids are even related to those to us. General manager at Love's 357 in Fountain, Colorado, Lorraine Bozarth is an example of this. Her grandson needed the help of CMN Hospitals, and thanks to the care he received at Children's Hospital Colorado, he's living a happy, normal life.

LORRAINE: I went for the hospital tour, and I'd never been to something like that, it was just amazing. And then, a week and a half later, Amanda calls me and tells me Tristan is on his way to Children's Hospital in Aurora.

In order for you to understand diabetes and to understand how to count his carbs exactly and be able to give him his shots you have to take a nine-hour class. It told us what's good for him, what's bad for him, they actually went through a whole nutrition plan.

He's a trouper, ya know, I have to say, he's not one to just give up. We jumped right into it with him, and he understands all of it. There are times where I'll have a question, and he will look at me and he'll answer the question. And so, he knows a lot more about it than I do.

I wanna see these kids, ya know, live a full life, and that's what Children's Miracle Network's there for, to help these kids. And I do, I ask everybody, I don't skip. It's not one of those things where, "Okay well, he's not gonna say yes, but she will, so...," but I'll ask everybody.

I love children. Children are, ya know, they're our future. They're our future.

Stop by any Love's location through Saturday, Sept. 30, to donate to CMN Hospitals. Help make miracles happen for kids like Tristan!

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