How to Pay at the Pump with Love’s Pay

How to Pay at the Pump with Love’s Pay

Posted April 26, 2018
Love's Connect App


Have you checked out Love's pay at the pump feature for commercial truck drivers in the updated Love's Connect Mobile App? Love's Pay is a great way to keep you on-the-go, even when stopping for fuel. Here's how you can fuel up from the comfort of your cab!

  1. First, the Love's Connect verifies your Love's location. Then, you can select or change the payment method from your wallet within the app.

    My Love Rewards members can add their rewards card in the app and use it for all transactions in Love's Pay; the app just uses your My Love Rewards number!

  2. Next, simply select your pump, and fuel products. The prompts for Love's Pay look just like they do on the pump today, so it's easy!
  3. Finally, tap the "Begin Fueling" option. Lift the nozzle on the pump and dispense your fuel.

After you've completed fueling, your receipt is saved in the app. You can go back, share or view your receipts any time. Transaction receipts and My Love Rewards loyalty receipts have been separated out for your convenience.

Love's Pay and digital receipts are just a few things included in the all-new Love's Connect App. Download the app or update yours to see what else is new!