Pro Drivers, Travelers Receive Little Acts of Love on Valentine’s Day

Pro Drivers, Travelers Receive Little Acts of Love on Valentine’s Day

Posted February 20, 2018
Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores

Little Acts of Love this Valentine's Day was a success. Love's Customers from coast to coast received small gifts of appreciation on the special day.

Dozens and dozens of Customers were surprised with Little Acts of Love, but we narrowed down a few stories we couldn't wait to share.

Love's 616 in Harrisonville, Missouri

loves customer holding purse with employee

Ruth lives in Kansas City and stops at Love's 616 two-three times per week. Love's 616 bought her a purse, which she proudly showed off. Ruth appreciated the very kind gesture and was already looking forward to her next visit.

Love's 589 in Lubbock, Texas

loves loyal customer and subway employee smiling

Isreal is a loyal Love's Customer who comes in at least four times a week. Love's 589 Trainer Bonnae Madril showed him the love with some free breakfast!

Love's 583 in New Baden, Illinois

hardee's customers smiling in line 

Randi and Jonathan stopped in to get a bite to eat and some gas. We treated them to lunch. Little Acts of Love was even more of a shocker because it was their birthdays.

Love's 395 in Kankakee, Illinois

loves manager and customer holding big valetines card

Bob completely forgot it was Valentine's Day until his girlfriend called him on his way home from his overnight shift. Love's 395 saved the day (possibly the relationship) by getting him some Valentine's gifts.

Love's 376 in Hogansville, Georgia 

truck driver shaking hands with love travel stop manager

GM Sammy bought Willie Cheetos and a Sprite. As a professional driver for Willie Joe Trucking, he stops at Love’s to use TirePass.

Love's 371 in Dillon, South Carolina

loves team members with pro driving customer

Truck driver Bruce was heading to Macon, Georgia, when the ladies of Love’s 371 bought his lunch. Bruce said they made his day!

Love's 340 in Las Vegas, Nevada

CR england driver with loves truck tire care employees 

CR England driver Ray stopped in for some truck work. Love's 340 treated Ray to a Subway sandwich and a yummy bag of Love's Real Beef Jerky. Ray was happy with the guys at the tire shop, too.

Love's 338 in Richmond Hill, Georgia

truck driver smiles with loves manager

Angie is a driver whose truck broke down passing through Richmond Hill. While the tire shop was fixing the truck, the Love's 338 team brought Angie up to the store and bought her two fruit cups and a couple snacks. Angie said she does not regularly stop at Love's, but she is now a loyal Customer thanks to a small act of kindness.

Love's 333 Fort Mill, South Carolina

loves manager with customers on valentines day 

Meet Kim and Sierra. They were headed down to help a friend with some hard times, not knowing they would experience some struggles as well. Love's 333 bought them some fuel to get to their friends. As the tears started to roll down their faces, they were truly touched by the generosity.

Love's 322 in Roscoe, Illinois

young girls holding loves stuffed animals with manager

Abigail wasn't feeling well; she and little sister Anne were coming back from the doctor when Love's 322 GM Bob spread some love by buying the girls new friends. What a great way to feel better than to cuddle up with Love's stuffed animals!

Love's 321 in Corbin, Kentucky

new pro driver smiling at Love's

Martha with MDS let Love's buy her shower. As a new driver, she has not built up the gallons for unlimited showers yet, but Love's had her back. She was extremely thankful.

Love's 266 in Ardmore, Oklahoma

loves employee with truck driver

Miss Jackson lost her keys in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and had a rough trip. She got her truck rekeyed, but Love's Trainer Dee saw her drop the new keys twice. Dee ran to the gift rack to get her an Oklahoma key chain, a Valentine's rose and a big ole smile. Love's 266 made Miss Jackson's day.

Love's 254 in Mooresville, Indiana

loves customers with coffee cups and manager

Jason and Jennifer were on their way to visit friends and relatives, when they stopped at Love's 254 for the best coffee on the interstate! Their Valentine's Day was made after Love's paid for their Java Amore coffee. They will be stopping at Love's on their way home to Arizona!

Love's 243 in Iowa, Louisiana

loves manager buying sign for truck driver

Our friend Lyn was on his way through and was looking for flammable signs for his truck. The ones he was given were paper and tore in the rain. The Love's 243 team was able to put a smile on his face and better signs on his truck.

Love's 217 in Denton, Texas

loves travel stop manager laughing with customer

Coffee and donuts are just what Love's 217 regular Customer needs to get his morning started. GM Catherene and he are all smiles as Love's purchased his items.

Love's 214 in El Paso, Texas

love employee buying veteran lunch

Military veteran Seth was on the go with his fresh fruit. Love's 214 Inventory Management Coordinator Cynthia made sure his purchase was picked up by Love's.

Love's 116 in Meade, Kansas

loves employee holding tray of cupcakes for customers

Sweets and treats were in store for patrons at Love's 116. GM Billie whipped up cupcakes to hand out to Customers as the visited the country store on Valentine's Day. Yum!

Love's 16 in Woodward, Oklahoma

young loves customer holding drink and cupcake 

And this smile says it all. Love's 16 made Customers' days with drinks, snacks and of course cupcakes.

A big thank you to the managers and team members who brought love and joy to our Customers last week!