3 Ways Freight Factoring Can Save You Money

3 Ways Freight Factoring Can Save You Money

Posted February 23, 2018
Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores

Freight Factoring is a process that goes back as far as history allows. There's a reason for that: freight factoring saves professional truck drivers time and money. Professional drivers across the country are using freight factoring to expand their businesses while keeping their cash flow up. Here are three ways freight factoring with Love's Financial can save you money:

  1. Freight factoring cuts down on collection costs.

    Freight factoring can eliminate the risk of costly collections from Customers by monitoring paperwork deadlines and following up on collections. In other words, Love's Financial pushes the papers and you keep driving.

  2. Grow your trucking business.

    More money in your pocket allows you to invest back into your trucking business by hiring people or adding equipment with working capital. Your business keeps growing and so does your cash flow.

  3. Outsource your billing.

    Love's Financial takes care of all of your invoice-related paperwork to save you time and money. Love's Financial gives you peace of mind that your invoices are taken care of.

Did we mention all the other perks that come by partnering with Love's Financial? Visit the Love's Financial website today to see why Love's is the better way to freight factor.