3 Things Employees Love About Working for Love’s

3 Things Employees Love About Working for Love’s

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Jobs in our stores, restaurants or tire shops all have one thing in common - they all belong to #TeamLoves. These men and women are the heartbeat of the organization. Take a look at three specific our team members love about Love's.

1. #TeamLoves – The Family Spirit

When you become part of our Love's family, you'll find support in every aspect of what you do. Whether that's through training, advancement opportunities or becoming part of the local community, our employees are truly make up a team in every sense of the word!

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2. Giving Back

August-September is a busy season here at Love's and for good reason! Every year, our employees take part in an annual fundraiser for sick and injured children at Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. It's a cause that hits close to home for a lot of our employees with children and something we give our all for each year! Every store has its own unique, fun way of meeting their fundraising goal.

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3. Our Customers

At Love's, the Customer is the most important aspect of what we do and why we do it, which is pretty easy to understand when you work with some of the best Customers out there! Our employees make an impact on every person they meet. From helpful encounters to a simple smile and hello, we love making a difference to everyone who walks through the door.

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