Earn Bonus My Love Rewards Points as a Love's Financial Customer

Earn Bonus My Love Rewards Points as a Love's Financial Customer

Posted March 14, 2018
My Love Rewards

Are you a My Love Rewards member? Are looking to save even more when you stop at Love's?

Then team up with Love's Financial!

The best rewards program on the road and Love's Financial freight factoring have teamed up to offer new Customers a deal that you can't compete with anywhere else.

My Love Rewards members who become Love's Financial freight factoring Customers can get even more points! Just go to Love's Financial website, follow the instructions to become a Customer, give them your My Love Rewards number and reap all the benefits of belonging to two Love's programs.

Love's Financial offers 1,500 My Love Rewards points upon signing up and factoring your first invoice. Love's Financial also offers $2,500 fuel credit for all factoring Customers, regardless of your credit score. Don't forget to keep an eye out for other promotions; you could gain up to 5,000 My Love Rewards points! It's an unheard of deal and it's only at Love's!

You get all the benefits of factoring with Love's and the bonus of being a My Love Rewards member. What's not to love?

Visit Love's Financial site today or call 1-855-495-LOVES to become a new Customer and get all the My Love Rewards points that come with it!