National Third Shift Workers Day

National Third Shift Workers Day

Posted May 9, 2018
subway employee at loves

At Love's, we've always been proud to keep our doors open 24/7 for our Customers. The busy roads and highways of America don't stop overnight, so neither should we!

We honor the commitment and dedication it takes to keep our locations open at all hours of the day. From late nights to early mornings, our overnight workers are the unsung heroes of Love's.

Meet some of the men and women that keep our Customers happy and the lights on, no matter the time of day!

Sadieville, Kentucky

Love's 618 is full of great smiles and great Customer service thanks to this overnight team. Teresa Schaffer, Hannah Hatchett, Donna Martin and Brandy Kidwell are well known for their positive attitudes and enthusiasm. Thank you for all your hard work!

Skippers, Virginia

loves overnight employees at skippers virginia

Meet the night crew at Love’s 317! Chris Harris and Cindy Rawls are great examples of what the word ‘team’ really means. They run the store at night as a team without missing a beat, and they support each other in everything they do. They’re constantly receiving compliments from their Customers and are truly people that you can depend on. Way to go, team!

Grayson, Kentucky

The overnight team at Love’s 418 strives for one team, one vision and one goal. They keep the store looking pristine throughout the late night and early morning so Customers are happy to keep stopping in. Ashley Gee, Tina Haney and Steven McDavid make good impressions on Customers so they keep coming back for more, no matter the time of day!

Belleville, Indiana

Love's 254 is home to this dynamic overnight duo. Jennifer Lahrman and Kit Swigart do a great job in setting up the store for success each day. They offer so much hard work and dedication as team members! Throughout the night, these women set the tone with their positive attitudes and outstanding Customer service.

Shepherdsville, Kentucky

Love’s 238 is home to the wonderful Elaine Wiggins who works overnight Subway. Elaine always finds a way to complete her task list and additional cleaning during her shift. She even goes above and beyond to set her coworkers up for success by completing the prep for the next day. The best part about Elaine, according to her manager, is that she does all of this by herself while maintaining the same level of kindness and smiles throughout the night. Well done, Elaine!

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