Speedco manager on promotion: “If you have dreams, you’ll fit in at Love’s”

Speedco manager on promotion: “If you have dreams, you’ll fit in at Love’s”

speedco manager james herring smiling next to truck

When James Herring started working at Love's in 2010, he had no idea his hard work would lead to a management position in truck care. That's because he was brought on to make sandwiches at Subway.

"I called every day for two weeks, asking to interview for any position," James said. "My wife and I lived in my father's house 200 feet from the store. I told them I could always be there, rain, shine or two feet of snow."

His persistence paid off when a position at the store opened two weeks later. He joined the company as a restaurant employee, making sandwiches for Subway and cooking chicken at Chester's. After a month of preparing meals, James had the opportunity to switch gears when a tire technician position became available.

"My manager told me, it's more money, more hours and you'll be trained once you fill the position," he said. "I knew it'd be a great transition for my growing family."

James' wife was pregnant at the time, so transitioning to truck care meant a leap of faith for him. He had no real-world experience in truck care other than an auto mechanics class in high school.

James proved he wanted to become an expert in the field, and his managers recognized talent for motivating people. Ten months after transitioning to Truck Care, James was promoted to manager.

Now he manages a team of 16 at the Speedco in Duncan, South Carolina.

James knows he wouldn't be able to inspire his team without those who inspired him. He credits management at Love's, from the first manager who hired him to make sandwiches, to Eric Daniels, director of truck care operations for Love's.

"If you have dreams and aspirations, you'll fit in at Love's," James said. "When I started, I had no clue how to work on a truck. Now, I'm driving my team forward in the truck shop, and making sure we serve our growing customer base."

The next time you're in Duncan, be sure to stop in and say "Hi" to James.

If you're interested in a career at Love's, visit https://jobs.loves.com/. On March 31, Love's is hosting its National Hiring Day event at over 500 locations across the country. For more information, visit https://loves.com/nationalhiringday.